Our Music Lesson Programs

Designed with the student in mind, each one of our private voice and piano lesson programs is built on the foundation of our three core principals to promote the student's continuous growth, fun and engagement.


Connect with one of our amazing teachers during your weekly private lesson and plant yourself in the studio. Together you will embark on your musical journey, discover your passions, work on your skills and conquer your fears.


Our master classes provide you with the perfect growth opportunities. The small, peer-based master classes provide a safe environment for you to practice performing in front of others, get encouraged and become more confident.


We love celebrating all our students and nothing makes us happier than seeing you flourish. Experience the pre-performance rush, the freedom of fully expressing yourself through music and the joy of being cheered on at our winter and summer celebrations!

Piano Lessons

Our piano program takes students on a journey filled with classical and contemporary pieces to keep students engaged and empowered.

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Music Theory Lessons

Weekly group lessons to help prepare our students for their RCM exams.

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Additional Lessons & Workshops

In addition to our instrumental programs, we also offer the following lessons and workshops throughout the year:

Online Music Lessons

Take our in-person studio experience with you on any device, anywhere with Omari Music Studios' professionally taught online music lessons.

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Composition & Song Writing

Offered once a term, these workshops guide students through the creative processes of structuring songs, writing lyrics and shaping melodies.

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Show Choir

If you love singing show tunes, dancing choreographies and making new friends then our show choir is the right place for you. Lessons are weekly and lead up to a performance at the end of the term.

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