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Omari Music Studio helps students grow through music by providing them with the best private music teachers and the community-focused, nourishing environment they need to flourish on stage and in life.

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Our Private Music Lesson Programs

Designed with the student in mind, each one of our private music lesson programs is built on the foundation of our core principals to promote the student's continuous growth, fun and engagement.

Plant - Private Music Lessons

Connect with one of our amazing teachers during your weekly private lesson and plant yourself in the studio. Together you will embark on your musical journey, discover your passions, work on your skills and conquer your fears.

Grow - Group Masterclasses

Our monthly master classes provide you with the perfect growth opportunities. The small, peer-based master classes provide a safe environment for you to practice performing in front of others, get encouraged and become more confident.

Flourish - Recital Celebrations

We love celebrating all our students and nothing makes us happier than seeing you flourish. Experience the pre-performance rush, the freedom of fully expressing yourself through music and the joy of being cheered on at our winter and summer celebrations!

Our Student Testimonials

"I love my lessons at Omari Music Studios because the teachers are great. They make me feel happy and I love learning piano here. They make learning fun. Whenever I learn a new song, I feel encouraged that I can do it! The teachers believe in me and they are super friendly."

Evelyn -Piano Lessons

young voice and piano student - Omari Music Studios
teen voice and piano student - Omari Musis Studios

"I LOVE Omari Music Studios, and I believe the main reason is that it’s a safe space for musicians of all ages and skill levels to express themselves. Prior to starting my lessons, I mistakenly believed that since I didn’t start music early, I’d never be able to catch up, despite how much I wanted to. With enough courage, I started my vocal lessons in Grade 10 and I haven’t looked back since. Stephanie and eventually Tyler’s encouragement and knowledge has truly helped me develop my confidence, singing, and piano skills. Thank you for being my happy place!"

Arya -Voice, Piano & Music Theory Lessons

"I never gave myself the opportunity to take music in school. Since joining Omari Studios almost 2 years ago, I not only have acquired a wealth of knowledge but have also gained an overwhelming amount of confidence in performing. It doesn't matter what skills you have in music, Stephanie embraces all of her students and provides them with the opportunities even a class room can't provide"

Andrea -Voice Lessons

young adult singing lesson student - Omari Music Studios
adult voice lesson student - Omari Music Studios

"I have always loved to sing and after joining my church choir I felt I needed to learn more. Stephanie is a great teacher, motivator and support for me in my adult lessons. It’s not easy to trust yourself to step out of your comfort zone. At Omari Music Studios I do step out of my comfort zone with confidence knowing it is still possible to learn new skills. I highly recommend Stephanie and her team who can take you where you are, moving you ahead to reach all your goals."

Nicole -Voice Lessons

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